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Power Extr.
DRILL-OUT® Regulars come in 4 sizes 1/4 inch (M6), 5 /16 inch (M8), 3/8 inch (M12) and 1/2 inch (M12).
The DRILL-OUT® is a drill bit AND extractor in one and is engineered with a Winslow self-centering tip. Each tool is specially designed to drill into rough surfaces that are caused when bolts break. The DRILL-OUT® tip not only gives you complete control-it allows you to obtain a perfectly centered hole without the tip walking or wandering.
The most unique feature of the DRILL-OUT®'s tip is its left hand cutting edge. This feature helps to loosen and sometimes even turn the bolt out during drilling.
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Micro Power Extr.
DRILL-OUT® Micro come in 4 sizes #5 or #6 (M3), #8 (M4), #10 or #12 (M5) and 1/4 (M6).
The DRILL-OUT® Micro Power Extractor has many of the same features as our larger extractor, but its design is a bit different. Put the Micro tool into your reversible electric or battery powered drill, extractor side in, set it for reverse and drill your hole. Take the tool out, turn it around so that the drill side is inserted into the chuck and you have your extractor. Insert the extractor tip into the hole you just drilled and remove your broken screw.
That's it! Fast, easy and dependable!
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